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[3834] To face the fear of all unknown || To see the heart inside || So open up your eyes

So, to kind of explain my previous post, I bought Over the Hedge and The Devil Wears Prada at the Video Corner while on the way to get gas for Jadis. The first I had seen in the theatres so I knew how it was and that it was adorkable. The other? Well, I jsut finished watching it, and my God did I fall in love with it. Now, I may not have studied fashion or buy fashion magazines often.. I still look and will always be fascinated by these designs and works. I like to scribble a few ideas from time to time but they're shit compared to what designers can do.

Mm.. well, to my knowledge, I'm working five days straight plus Joy is returning from her trip this Saturday. There have been rumors of a big snow storm coming soon so this week's paycheck is going to pay for stocking up on food and needed items for myself and the two babies. If I'm going to be snowed in I damn well will be prepared.

Holding off on getting my ears pierced again as well as my hair done; plus the camera can wait until everything is all paid for and my account is at a steayd amount. When I pay for my car insurance my account is going to plummet like no tomorrow. So.. I better finish up that pricing chart and get started on comissions. At least I finally have a PayPal account now.

..and I have a stomach from Hell. That's what I get for eating cake and Reeses.

And Nicole Kidman is fskin' beautiful as Mrs. Coulter in The Golden Compass. I had to icon her in that role. ♥
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[3798] Yule-tide carols being sung by a choir || And folks dressed up like eskimos


Doujinshi post. :D

Scene by Ken Mizuki [Yoroiden Samurai Troopers]; From what I can tell this is a Kayura-centric doujinshi with appearences by Rajura, Touma and Ryo. :D And Mizuki-san is the artist of the image of Kayura and Touma on my layout too. :DDDD ♥

[And if someone could actually translate this for me, I will love you forever and ever. D: ♥]

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There are some days when I really do love my job. Like today: My supervisor's dog had tried to open a bottle of Baley's Irish Cream that she had bought at the liquor store. Dash almost got it open too. XD

Tonight: movies, iconing, phone-cracking.

I love being able to sleep in the next morning.~ ♥

[Edit 2.0] And now if I could only remember the name of this Nine Inch Nails song that I've been blasting in my car. It's stuck in my head demmit! XD
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☆ - - -

Happy Birthday kurachu~ ♥ Much luff to you my now one year older seme~

Oh, Amelia? Stop being such a dork and pick up next time I call you. u_u I've called twice now and left a message. D:

So much to do today... drop off application at the bank, doctor appointment, apply at a couple of more resturants... busy, busy me~ :3 Isocannotwaitforacarrawr.
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&The second star to the right // Shines in the night for you

Hmhm... need to occupy myself and get my graphic-skills back up to par. After making the Buttercup banner, I've been itchin' to play around with some stuff. Not to mention the fact I need to download some brushes...


Leave in a comment an image you would like to be turned into an icon and I'll make it for you. ♥
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